Monday, February 8, 2016

New Bin, Signs, and Tools

3 things everyone may want to know about the MakerSpace:

1) We have a "WHERE DO THESE GO?" bin!

  • This is where you can plunk any random item for which you cannot find a perfect home.
  • We are in NO way advocating for not cleaning up and putting items back from whence they came,but there are times when that ONE BIN out of 100 won't jump out at you, your kids need to get to P.E. at the same time as you're being summoned because a parent is picking their child up, but you want to save face😇 and leave the Creation Station as spotless as you found it (okay, don't laugh)... you know- THOSE times.  Just plop the items in this bin.
  • If ANYONE (parent volunteers, STUDENTS WHO FINISH EARLY, middle school kids...) has time to help out, we would 💙love💙 them for finding a few of these items a home.
2) Use these signs to keep your projects safe:
  • ​Tape one on to any project that you need to leave in the space. THEY HAVE 2 SIDES.
    • Use the FINISHED PROJECT WAITING FOR PICK-up side if you are coming back to pick it up at a later time/date.
    • Use the UNDER CONSTRUCTION side if you want to work on your stuff again and don't want anyone to mess with it.
  • They're on the metal shelf (for now) under the "Where do these go?" bin.
  • Please help remind students to respect the wishes of other people and refrain from touching projects that don't belong to them.
3) We have NEW TOOLS thanks to a grant from the Rotary!

We will keep you posted about what tools will be available to students while using the space, and how we will keep them stored and organized.

Creation Station Logo

Ashley Norman's Graphic Design class has created our logo!
  • Students presented us with 18 different logo options, and we are currently in the process of voting on the best match for the Creation Station!

  • Once we've decided on a logo:
    • we'll use it on Creation Station correspondence, labels for the bins, grant requests, and in so many other ways!  
    • Jenna LaRochelle, the art teacher at Village Elementary, will lead students in creating an artistic rendition of the logo to put in the hallway outside the space
    • we'll coordinate the color scheme of our website, and perhaps the space itself, to the colors in the logo
We're basically branding our MakerSpace with the intention of bringing it to life and establishing its existence for many years to come!